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Amazing Erotic Fiction For Women At Senual Couples

I breathe in your smell as we pass in the corridor. You scent is dark and rich, like heavy chocolate and red wine. In the elevator, I admire the cut of your clothes, the way your broad shoulders fill the suit with purpose.

You let your eyes linger across my breasts, and your eyes betray your thoughts. You think of sweat, and groans, and silken wetness in a room filled with smoky twilight.

I eat fruit salad and think of you, my tongue swirling around pieces of dripping watermelon, my cheeks caressing mango chunks, my teeth feeling the pertness of small grapes. Beneath constricting pantyhose, I feel my lips part with anticipation. A drop of juice dribbles down my chin as a drop of juice makes contact with my panties.

You ask me for a drink, and you drink in the sight of me, sensuous in red silk and smiling from the corner of my mouth. Your hand rests on my knee as you listen intently, and you move it higher after the next glass of white wine.

I kiss you first, in the taxi on the way home. I taste malt on your lips, from the beer, and the unmistakeable flavour of lust. I probe with my tongue, I trail it down the left side of your tongue. I feel the warmth of your mouth.

You reach under and grasp my buttock, filling your hand with my soft flesh, your fingers inching into my crevice so that the tips rest against my panties, wet now with anticipation...

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