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This site offers a space for women and couples to explore the glory of sex in a positive and joyful environment.

Sensual Couples offers a range of quality erotic photos, videos and stories all celebrating intimacy, passion, lust and romance between beautiful couples.

For too long porn has been dominated by negative depictions of women and sexuality. This site seeks to take back the bedroom! Female pleasure takes centre stage and the emotional connection of sex is just as important as the physical act!

Sensual Couples also offers a wide variety of bonus material such as articles and recommendations for sex toys, adult films and erotica books.

It's also part of a huge adult entertainment network. One pass gives you access to a wealth of incredible erotic content, including a large and ever-expanding section created just for straight women!

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The most erotic of sexual encounters...

Prepare yourself for the ultimate in exquisite bliss and passion. A garden of sensual delights awaits you!

Indulge and let your fantasies soar.

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Sensual Couples is an adult site for women.
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 Sensual Couples offers erotica for women, with sexy massage pics, hardcore couples photos and movies that focus on sensuality, passion, romance.